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Make a Wish and Fairdene Makes it Happen!

By 14th August, 2019 Care Home, Events Comments Off

We are delighted to announce our very own “Make a Wish” programme. Residents are putting forward things that they have always wanted to do and we are making it happen!

We pride ourselves on our person-centred care and this is just one more way we are helping to cater for our residents’ needs and interests as individuals. Alongside this we are also adding an Alexa in each room with personal playlists of music and books, we arrange outings to appeal to individual hobbies and interests, and we try to involve residents in decisions about the home, like our cheese and wine night where residents voted on which cheeses they would like to be served in the home going forward.

We are continually looking for new ways to improve the home and are excited about the launch of our “Make a Wish” programme. This will give our residents the opportunity to think about things they would like to do and see and then for the home to help make them happen.

The first “wish” from one resident was to see Elvis, so we booked an Elvis impersonator to come to the care home and perform for all the residents. It was a roaring success, the residents enjoyed a dance and a sing-a-long and Peter was over the moon that we had made his wish come true saying, “it might not have been the real Elvis, but you never would have known, it was great to see Elvis from the comfort of my armchair!”

The second wish from another resident was to have a Doberman visit the home, this has always been his favourite breed of dog. We have pet pals visit the home each month, however they have never brought a Doberman, so we are now looking for one to make this resident’s wish come true.

We wanted to give the residents as much choice as possible over their activities and entertainment programme, and we love the idea of making some wishes come true. It has been well received by residents and carers alike and we are looking forward to making as many wishes as possible come true over the coming months.

In the pipeline we have wishes to go to Australia, to meet the Queen and to dance in the rain. Some of them more challenging than others, but if the residents can’t go to Australia, we will bring Australia to the home with Aussie BBQ, didgeridoo playing, and the carers putting on their best Aussie accents “G’day Mate”!

Outing to the Ladyboys!

By 19th July, 2019 Events Comments Off

Now there’s a blog title you don’t expect to see on a care home website! At Fairdene Lodge we like to get out and about with our residents – if they want to and it is dafe to do so. Normally this is just one or two residents at a time and something we feel will appeal to their interests. For example we have a retired builder so whenever we are heading to B&Q we always ask if he would like to join us as he loves a wander round all the different tools and materials.

So when we heard the Ladyboys were visiting just down the road we thought it would be a good opportunity for some of the residents to enjoy a night of entertainment. First we thought about who might enjoy this type of evening out, any residents who had a history of working in the theatre, or listed their hobbies and interests as visiting the theatre. Then we had to consider if those residents would feel safe going out and would they be happy in a busy noisy environment. Once we had our list we asked those residents if they would like to come. 

In the end, we were eight residents and eight carers heading down to Hove Lawns to see what it was all about. It was an evening of music and dancing with some of our favourites from the West End – lots of fun and a bit of a sing-a-long.

We didn’t all make it to the end, as some enjoyed it more than others, so a few of us headed home a little early, but all in all it was something different and quite entertaining!