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Residential Dementia Care in Sussex

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Our residential dementia care in Sussex doesn’t mean compromise on quality of life

We’re passionate about freedom of choice at Fairdene Lodge, and what we mean by this is that staff are always encouraging residents to make their own decisions about things like how they spend their day, what meals they eat, and when they have visitors. We believe that this, along with comfortable accommodation, high standards of healthcare, and tailored care plans, makes quality of life for our residents excellent.

It’s important to us that residents choose how they spend their time, so we have a varied activities programme in place, with full time activities staff to plan and oversee it. From games like dominos and cards, to light exercise, to reading and arts and crafts, activities vary each day, so there’s plenty to entertain everyone. Lots of outings and walks are arranged for a regular change of scenery, and there’s plenty of meaningful activities to take part in like dusting, folding washing and laying the table.

Meal times are hugely important at Fairdene Lodge, and we make it a priority to consistently support and encourage our residents to eat and drink well. Nutritious, varied meal options are created every day by our talented chef, which means there’s always something tasty to look forward to. Two options are offered at each meal, but alternatives can always be created for residents who fancy something different. We understand that many of our residents have special dietary requirements, and we ensure these are always catered for.

Fairdene Lodge operates an open door policy, which means friends and relatives are welcome to visit at any time. We believe in making life for the residents as free as possible, which means receiving visitors when it suits them, just as they would at home.

We’re proud to be a residential home near Brighton that doesn’t compromise on quality of life for our residents. Find out more about our home here.

Spring has Sprung at our Sussex Care Home

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The sun and smiles are out in full force at our Sussex care home

Spring’s been a long time coming, especially for our residents, who have been itching to get out in Fairdene’s beautiful garden. The first flush of good weather was excuse enough for a tea party, so the kitchen got busy with making cakes, and the residents installed themselves on the lawn.

Getting out in the garden is a huge joy for our residents, and we’ve made it as tranquil space as we possibly can. There’s also the added element a recreation of the post war era, with shops, tea rooms, memorabilia, costumes, food and drink, and music lovingly put together to bring back memories of the 1940’s. It helps keep residents connected with their pasts, and provides them with entertainment, fun, and something to have a good old chat about. Families and friends of residents also enjoy taking a trip down memory lane with their loved ones, and it’s certainly a talking point for many that visit.

We’re always thinking of new ways to keep the memories of our residents alive, and with this special approach at our Sussex care home, we’re hoping to prove that it doesn’t have to be boring! See the Memory Lane video here.

Why Relatives Are Confident About Dementia Care at Fairdene Lodge

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We’re open and honest about our dementia care at Fairdene Lodge, to give relatives peace of mind

When entrusting the care of a loved one to others, peace of mind is a very valuable thing. By being open about our care and dedicated to keeping relatives and friends as informed as possible, staff at our dementia care home builds good relationships with the people that love our residents the most. The feedback we’ve got from relatives speaks for itself…

“From the moment he arrived you made our loved one feel loved and respected, and within a very short time he looked at Fairdene as his home, and never once looked back to his former house or indicated a desire to be anywhere else. The dedication and kindness you and your staff show to your residents is a joy to witness, and your seemingly unbreakable patience, even at the most trying of times, is truly impressive.”

“I want to say a very big thank you to everyone at Fairdene for the kindness and care you gave to my cousin during his final two years. It can’t have been an easy task as he slowly became more incapacitated. I was impressed by your patience and attention to his quite considerable needs.”

“My mother only spent a short time with you but during that time she was shown nothing but kindness and assistance from you and your staff. I have frankly been amazed at the way they have all put themselves out to help my mum and done it all in such a happy and helpful manner.”

If you’re curious about how Fairdene Lodge could help your loved one, contact us. 

Nutrition at our Residential Care Home in Sussex

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Why nutrition is important at our residential care home in Sussex

The variety, quality, and high nutritional value of good food is something we believe shouldn’t be compromised when it comes to residential care for the elderly; not least because diet can have such an impact on health, as well as quality of life. That’s why we take nutrition very seriously at our residential care home in Sussex.

Using as much local produce as possible, our chef whips up a variety of delicious meals, enabling all our residents to choose what they’d like to eat each day. The menu can be adapted to suit different tastes as well as cater to specific dietary needs. Our staff are on hand at every meal time to not only make sure everything is to everyone’s liking, but also to offer explanation around the food.

We consistently support residents at meal times, and encourage them to eat and drink well. Food is a source of joy for so many, and we’re keen for this to continue to be the case for the residents at our residential care home in Sussex. Contact us for more info. 

Specialist Dementia Care at Fairdene Lodge

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 We provide dedicated residential care at our specialist dementia care home in Sussex

There are many challenges that dementia can present, both for the individual, and for the people around them. There’s no doubt that it can change the lives of entire families, and we understand that in many cases isn’t possible to manage the needs of sufferers at home. That’s where we come in, providing dedicated residential care at our specialist dementia care home in Sussex.

Becoming disorientated is a common characteristic of dementia, so we make it as easy as possible for residents to recognise different areas of the home. Our reception rooms are zoned, for example, so that it’s easier to distinguish each one from each other. Memory loss is one of the most well known aspects of dementia, so we regularly hold reminisce sessions to help residents get in touch with their pasts. Whilst the condition is known for reducing people’s judgement, understanding and thinking speed, our dedicated team are trained to encourage resident’s independence and decision making as much as possible. We promote freedom of choice and ensuring all of the people in our care edementia care home in hovenjoy a high quality of life their way.

Residents and families aren’t just supported by the Fairdene Lodge team; we regularly welcome Brighton & Hove In-reach team. They consist of specialist dementia nurses and occupational therapists. These wonderful people provide valuable advice and guidance to residents, relatives, and staff.

We’re proud for Fairdene Lodge to be such a popular dementia care home in Sussex. We’re always happy to answer any questions about the care we provide via the contact details here.

Supporting the Elderly This Winter

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Supporting the elderly this winter: our Sussex care home has tips for friends and relatives

Winter is a particularly difficult time for the elderly; bad weather can make getting around harder, there’s plenty of cold and flu around, and the cold air can make things like chest infections are very serious matter; not to mention that loneliness can set in, too. If you’ve got an elderly friend, relative or neighbour, there are a few things you can do to support them this winter…

Keep an eye

Call and visit more often, ensuring they’re up and well. Make sure they know where you are and how to contact you should they have any problems.

Help them with shopping 

Make sure they’ve got at least the basics in the cupboard and freezer, in case it’s too cold to go shopping, or the shops will be shut for days over Christmas.


Make sure their heating’s working and turned up to a comfortable level

Ensure they have all their medication

Pharmacies can have unpredictable opening hours during the festive period, and may be difficult to get to in bad weather; make sure your friend, relative or neighbour has enough of their medication to last them until they’re able to get to a pharmacy again.

Clear snow and put down salt

If bad weather strikes, limit the risk of slips and falls by clearing snow and putting salt down on any icy patches.

Communicating with Someone With Dementia

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Fairdene Lodge specialises in Sussex dementia care – here are some tips for communication with someone with dementia

One of the most distressing parts of Dementia for both the person with the condition and their loved one is the breakdown in communication. For example, someone with dementia may find it difficult to follow a conversation, or think of the right word at the right time. This may cause them to feel excluded from social situations, or lose confidence in conversations. However, there are things to can do to improve how you communicate with someone with dementia;

Speak slowly and use simple words
Helpful if the individual struggles with communication; just make sure to take care of the tone you use.

Keep a reasonable distance
Within reason, your proximity to the person won’t affect their understanding of you; get too close and you could be intimidating.

Maintain eye contact
It helps them to focus on you

Remove distractions
Reduce background noise if possible

Avoid sudden movements and tense facial expressions
In the absence of effective communication, people with dementia may be more aware of non verbal signals

Our team specialise in making life as full as possible at Fairdene Lodge – get in touch if you’d like to know how we could support your loved one.

Pick our Dementia Care Home in Sussex With Confidence

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Put your mind at rest with a glowing CQC report for our dementia care home in Sussex

When choosing a care home in Sussex for your relative, you want to be reassured that they’ll receive a high standard of care, as well as a homely environment, and plenty to keep them busy. Our glowing CQC report is proof that our dementia care home in Sussex is one you can trust.

The Care Quality Commission is the regulator of health and social care services, ensuring safe, effective and compassionate care is conducted in hospitals, care homes, GP practices, dentists, ambulance services, and mental health services.

Rated Good in all areas, Fairdene Lodge’s CQC reports highlights the comfort of our residents, the dedication of our staff, and the support we offer to older people with dementia. This is one of our favourite quotes…

People felt well looked after and supported. We observed friendly and genuine relationships had developed between people and staff. One person told us, “The staff are very caring and nice”. Care plans described people’s needs and preferences and they were encouraged to be as independent as possible.”

Read the whole CQC report here.

Who We Look After at our Brighton Care Home

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We care for a variety of health needs at our Brighton care home

care home in East SussexWith up-to-date facilities, a team of trained staff, and excellent links to the local healthcare providers, our Brighton care home is best placed to provide excellent care to our residents.

We care for older people living with varying stages of dementia, as well as elderly people with sensory impairment and other healthcare needs. Our core team operates like a family, supporting our residents in decision making and expressing themselves, and working with relatives and healthcare professionals to ensure the best quality of life for our residents.

With dementia in particular, our staff are trained to deal with and manage the challenges that it can present, and our home is designed and equipped to make life make sense as much as possible for residents. Our hallways are zoned to aid orientation, and we regularly hold reminiscence sessions to help residents get in touch with their pasts.

We’re always happy to answer questions about the kind of care we provide at Fairdene Lodge – contact us here.

Care for Dementia Patients in Brighton

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The special way we approach care for dementia patients in Brighton

Dementia is a general term that encompasses a range of symptoms associated with a decline in cognitive function, with the effect on memory one of the more well known presentations of the disease. It’s common for sufferers of dementia to struggle more with their short-term memory than their long-term, meaning it’s easier for them to recall events from the distant past rather than the last few weeks, for example. This is where the care for our dementia patients in Brighton had to be approached with creativity – and so we came up with our Memory Lane, featured last year on Meridian News!

We’ve turned our special garden into an area that recreates the post war era, with shops, tea rooms, memorabilia, costumes, food and drink, and music lovingly put together to bring back memories of the 1940’s. It helps keep residents connected with their pasts, and provides them with entertainment, fun, and something to have a good old chat about. Families and friends of residents also enjoy taking a trip down memory lane with their loved ones, and it’s certainly a talking point for many that visit.

We’re always thinking of new ways to keep the memories of our residents alive, and with this special approach to care for dementia patients in Brighton, we’re hoping to prove that it doesn’t have to be boring! See the Memory Lane video here.