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Communicating with Someone With Dementia

By 14th November, 2017 Uncategorized Comments Off

Fairdene Lodge specialises in Sussex dementia care – here are some tips for communication with someone with dementia

One of the most distressing parts of Dementia for both the person with the condition and their loved one is the breakdown in communication. For example, someone with dementia may find it difficult to follow a conversation, or think of the right word at the right time. This may cause them to feel excluded from social situations, or lose confidence in conversations. However, there are things to can do to improve how you communicate with someone with dementia;

Speak slowly and use simple words
Helpful if the individual struggles with communication; just make sure to take care of the tone you use.

Keep a reasonable distance
Within reason, your proximity to the person won’t affect their understanding of you; get too close and you could be intimidating.

Maintain eye contact
It helps them to focus on you

Remove distractions
Reduce background noise if possible

Avoid sudden movements and tense facial expressions
In the absence of effective communication, people with dementia may be more aware of non verbal signals

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