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Companionship – Some Inspiration of Things to Do

By 4th February, 2019 Care Comments Off

Sometimes growing older can feel lonely, particularly if you have lost your partner. Companionship is a great gift, but sometimes it can be hard to think of ideas of things to do. For some, just popping in for a cuppa on the way home from work can brighten their day, however if you want to go that bit further, or need some inspiration, here are a few ideas of activities you could do together:

Keeping the mind active

“If you don’t use it, you lose it” as the saying goes, keeping your mind active is important for everyone. How about doing a crossword together or sudoko? If you are creative perhaps a bit of drawing or painting – heading out into the countryside and finding a quiet spot to bring out your inner artist with a friend or relative can be so therapeutic.

You could dust off the board games and take the grandchildren over for a game of Monopoly (if you have a spare afternoon or more!) A perfect activity for all ages.

Keeping the body active

This one might not always be easy, however a little exercise and fresh air is good for the soul. Why not take your loved one out for a walk, or perhaps there’s somewhere near by that offers some dancing. Dancing is loved by most and takes people back to another time and era, it could bring back some happy memories which you could talk about together and reminisce.


Listening to music is very calming, choose some tunes from your loved one’s era and see if it brings a smile to their face or takes them back to a memory. 

Reading a book together can also be very relaxing or perhaps you could look through old photographs and tell the story behind them.

Activities for those with Alzheimer’s

These ideas might not be practical for someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. For them it might be better to find shorter less structured activities. Perhaps a bit of housework, sock pairing or gardening. It depends on the individual, however most of us like to feel useful and you get some help with the chores!

We very much like to think of activities around our homes that are useful. Residents love getting involved in daily life, with activities such as laying the table, collecting plates or pairing socks. Of course we have lots of other activities throughout the year, dancing, boxing, arts and crafts, and lots more.